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Hi, my dear dino-guys! While I'm planning some work, I came to my mind to report in this journal entry a precious list of my favorite papers (most of them from PLOS ONE) that might be of help or good thorough reading to people like me who simply can't stop learning about dinosaurs. Such very interesting documents, accompanied by beautiful HD pictures, and these aren't only new species-descriptions but also revisions, phylogenetic analysis and taphonomic observations.
This journal is gonna be adjourned over time with others new papers, so stay attentive to its updates!
1- Body size distribution in Dinosauria:
2- Paleopathological survey on a Mapusaurus pack:
3- Description of the abelisaur Dahalokely:
4- Description of the troodonti
:icondennonyx:Dennonyx 38 21
Pectinodon bakkeri VS Stygimoloch by haghani Pectinodon bakkeri VS Stygimoloch :iconhaghani:haghani 166 9


Today I had nothing to do, was completely not in a productive mood and carved to poke someone in the eye and annoy them, so I chose one of the most suspectible targets: JP fangirls and fanboys, if any, ever are going to read this. I think it was also a need to express my thoughts.  I decided to attempt doing so by searching and pointing out what people find when searching for JP fanboys' favourite human eaters on the DeviantArt, the results were quite unpleasant to my eyes, but hey, at least I was able to successfully write my little poke in the eye below. Things I was looking for were the new 'revolutionary' portrayals of the animals from JP series, which means: T.rex with properely sized and shaped head, preferably not resembling a gigantic crocodile; feathers on tyrannosaurs; Spinosaurus with proper thickness of the 'sail' and lacking crocodilian armor; speculative feathers on spinosaurs; feathered 'raptors' with proper head shape, wrist structure and tail stiffness.

The results can be found below, careful, wall of text!

-Popular All Time – I should probably not be surprised here, but I was regardless of my expectations. Maybe I shouldn't have any hope here? First page shows me either whole-scaly T.rexes or the ones with rauisuchian look, some with really weird proportions . There is one with quill-like things sparsely laid on few points on the body. Woohooo.  Second page is mostly full of Rauisuchian/Godzilla mix  of rexes and on a 3rd page I am successful, finding a T.rex head with a thick 'mane' of feathers.  The deeper one progresses into the pages, the more feathered and anatomically correct Tyrannosaurs appear.
-Newest – Bullseye! On the first page I found two feathered tyrannosaurs, and few anatomically correct ones, even though they were scaly. Second page brings another feathered one and third leaves me bitter, not providing anything I was looking for.

-Popular All Time – King fisher received more respect than the king tyrant, apparently. Well, tyrants don't have many friends, so it's understandable. Summary: Mostly JP-ish looks of Spinosaurus, but much more coming with variety of the 'sail' shapes, some thinning the 'sail' to the point I doubt the bones were even THAT thin, but at least most keep the casual spinosaurid proportions. Body cover typically resembling that of a crocodile, with few pearls looking like a typical scaly theropod cover.  One or two 'humps' or 'sumps' depicted. Filled with hope I progress to the page 2 and 3…  Now this is a mix. Great reconstructions showing it with a nice, thick cover on the spines, mostly accurate proportions of those, some even extending the tall spines onto the tail! On the other hand we can also find the cartoonish "Fin lizards" type of spinosaurus, with the neural spines being thin, narrow and tall, generally making the animal resembling a sailfish rather than a dinosaur. On a positive note: page 3rd waves me a goodbye with a fluffy Spinosaurus chick.
-Newest – Cold shower. First page greets me with one JP Spinosaurus and one more cartoonish one… though featuring some sort of integumentary cover on the neck, so I'm not filled with regret. Further I meet sailfish lizards and various dragons pretending to be dinosaurs. Positive note: 3rd page features a nice Spinosaurus head and neck covered in shaggy feathers.

-Popular All Time – I could write a novel about it, so I will try to shorten it as much as possible. On first 3 pages I'm mostly greeted with JP raptors and various things pretending to be Velociraptors but failing to fool me into beliving they are. There are some feathered Velociraptors, though only a few have proper feathering resembling what Velociraptor is believed to have. Wrist-attached wings are more than common. Little to no signs of the overpraised pack hunting.
-Newest- JP raptors with quills, JP raptors with feathers 'glued' to weird places, reconstructions resembling Velociraptor/Deinonychus from when they were thought to have no feathers and look like minature allosaurs, one or two drawings resembling actual animal. Better something than nothing, I guess.
"But Gorsh, JP raptors were based off Deinonychus, it was believed to be a species of Velociraptor blah blah blah less feathers blah blah blah"
-Popular All Time – A fatty komodo lizard with shiny amphibian look and broken wrists welcomes me on the page. Typical portrayals that don't fall into category of what I just described are the elbow-winged JP raptors mixed with some sort of  a snake. I am more than happy to actually see more properely winged Deinonychus art pieces than I've seen in Velociraptor and those aren't very uncommon. There are few raptor-prey-restrain pictures, though if you scroll down some more you might find the casual "Deinonychus pack vs animal ten times and more their weight". Sadly, pack hunting nobrainer has not been eradicated yet, but at least the feathers and RPR are becoming a formidable force on the field.
-Newest – does not really differ from the Popular search. Mix of lizards on two legs, half-winged mutants  and properly reconstructed animals.
"But Gorsh, there is also Achillobator, it could fit JP raptors with its size! And it blah blah hot environment blah blah feather loss blah blah"
Sure, why not.
-Popular All Time – Reverse of what we find on Velociraptor, most Achillobator pictures have properely feathered body and hands, only some feature the half-wings. Very few monkey-lizards. Further down on the following pages there is less accuracy, but hey, it's a good thing when more accurate is being more popular, isn't it?
-Newest-  Roughly the same content as above. It appears there was not enough time to accumulate inaccurate pictures, though there are few ones that try to usurp the role of half-feathered raptors. They are in decline, though.

Summary: It appears that the animals that were introduced to the public later have higher chance to be imagined accurately. In most cases there is still a huge gap between what is 'known' about dinosaur looks and what they could have actually appeared like, yet many paleo artists are fighting bravely to save poor dinosaurs from being misunderstood. JP fanboys though aren't lazy and try to hold the dominance they had during all those years, so the battle is not won yet.

Sorry for the wall of text, as I said, I was bored. And sorry for any grammar, punctuation and syntax fails, my English wasn't the best one ever today.
Well, first journal entry done. It wasn't that bad to write it...


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